111 Ruta Mototuristica Cieza

Date: February 26, 2023
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

The Floración 2023 biker route of Los Dormis

The activity, which is not competitive, will again include a social purpose in its third edition, since, on this occasion, part of the collection that will be obtained from the registration of participants will be delivered to the Local Board of the Spanish Association against Cancer, as in past editions, the corresponding donations were made to the Down Cieza Association or the Piedras Vivas soup kitchen.

Registrations, which are priced at 10 euros per person and include the solidarity euro and a lunch plus gifts, the latter for the first to be made, can now be done through losdormis.es. They can also be done in person on the day of the activity at the La Era premises.

The biker day will be held on Sunday, February 26 as part of the official Floración 2023 program promoted by the Cieza City Council, and hundreds of motorcycle lovers from different parts of Spain will attend, filling the sports area of ​​La Era, a place from where the entourage will leave. A musically entertained lunch will be held there upon his return. The route will begin at mid-morning and will run along country roads and rural roads in the Ciezano municipal area through which bikers will be able to contemplate and enjoy the flowering of the fields.

The tour, which lasts approximately one hour, will end at the starting point, La Era, where the organization will deliver recognition, gifts and personalized commemorative objects to groups, bikers and biker clubs and will raffle various individual gifts and prizes.

The brotherhood, after the painful parenthesis of the pandemic, is already organizing the third edition of this test for next Sunday, February 26. Participation forecasts triple, for the moment, those of previous editions. The Dormis have decided that, this year, the beneficiary group of part of the collection obtained, 1 euro from each registration, will go to the Local Board of the Spanish Association against Cancer.