Patch Protocols

We are proud of the reputation and standing Costa Blanca Rawhiders MCC has gained since our formation in 2010, especially for our charitable activities. We are now one of the biggest motorbike clubs in the region, if not the biggest, so we should be proud of the club and and wear the CLUB NAME with pride.

The wearing of club regalia, patches, etc is optional for existing members, but as a club member, if you do decide to wear a club patch, you are choosing to represent the club in public and therefore we would ask that you wear these patches in a uniform manner, positioning the patches in the correct way on your cuts/vests/jackets. New joining members are expected to wear our regalia, please ask us for guidance if you are not sure.

Please see below, the correct positioning in respect of the club patches. Please be proud of your club and display them as shown.

Also please note the following general advice about the wearing of patches and rockers on your waistcoat, cut, vest, jacket etc.

We understand that some of our club members or prospective new members may already be a member of another club whilst remaining in or becoming a member of our club. We dont have any problem with that, but when out with us, its our regalia you should wear and not the regalia of any other club that you may belong to. Thats assuming of course that you have chosen to purchase and wear our regalia. Some members now have different waistcoats for the clubs they belong to, including ours, and they wear the appropriate one when on a ride with each particular club.

So if you do purchase and choose to wear our regalia, please wear it on all rides, especially when we visit another club by invitation as it makes us look uniform and professional.

Its also important to state that The Costa Blanca Rawhiders MG (MCC) Motor Cycle Club are not supporters of any other motorbike clubs, be they MCs or MCCs, and by that we mean.. whilst we are friendly with, and support other clubs by attending their open days, charity events, BBQs etc, we are not an official support club to any other club, and therefore support club patches of other clubs should not be worn on our club waistcoats. If you are in doubt about any of the foregoing, please contact a team member who will endeavour to assist you.