You live in, or spend some time in Spain- Only 30 Euros covers one rider and pillion per annum. However for new joining members its a one off fee of 60 Euros for the first year (including all mandatory patches) then the fee reverts to 30 Euros per annum for subsequent years. The above fee relates to one bike per membership, including a pillion. So for members with 2 or more bikes in the family, the additional bike riders would be required to pay the membership fee.

Three mandatory front patches are included with your membership fee (Rawhider MCC patch, Costa Blanca Rawhider round patch and a personal name patch).

We also have an optional 'Adventure before Dementia' patch at an additional cost of 4€.

The back patch is released to members as and when, at the discretion of the Team.

We normally ask any potential member who contacts us, to pop along and see us for a social chat and coffee, and then come out with us for a couple of rides or so, just to see if we all get along. It may be that you are not resident here yet, and just visiting, or you may be resident and between bikes etc, but whatever your situation, please contact us for a chat and we can take things from there. Please note also that the minimum engine size necessary is 500cc in order to join the club.

If you are a scooter rider, please see the last paragraph at the bottom of this page!

If you become a member, please pay your membership fee via PayPal if possible...see payment instructions on the Subs and Donations Page. If you do not have a PayPal account, please ask a friend who has one, to pay us on your behalf. Alternatively you can pay in cash to one of our team members at a meeting.

Just 4 other things to remember please!

  1. If you become a member, most of the emails we send out (and we dont send many) are for information only, but occasionally we send an important one out, where we need an answer (for example if a restaurant wants numbers for one of our breakfast meets) so please please reply as appropriate.
  2. Before you decide to become a member, have a good look around the site, in order to obtain a general flavour of the club, particularly this Become a Member Page, About us Page, Legal & Stuff Page, Sale & Wanted Page, Patches & Protocols Page. Also please read and digest the Club Riding Policy below, and also check out the Membership Revocation details link as well. By joining the club you agree to be bound by all of the foregoing, including our general site culture and advice and guidelines. Also, when you gain access to the members discussion forum page, you agree to be bound by the conditions of use.
  3. We are a proud community based and charity supporting club. Our members wear their jackets/vests/cuts bearing the club logos with pride, so that when we are 'on the road' visiting our supported charities, other clubs, retail establishments, or riding in general, we look professional and responsible, projecting a good image and the the professional reputation of the club. Guidelines for club patch display and general  patch protocols are available on the Patches and Protocols web-page. Please note that new members must wait 6 months before being able to purchase our back-patch at the clubs discretion.
  4. We ride sensibly and safely, and if you become a member, please read the Riding in Convoy advice, on the Safe Riding Info Page on the site. If a rider makes any mistake or misjudgment on a ride, which causes them or others injury of any kind, when, for example, overtaking inappropriately, or any other unsafe action, the club does not accept responsibility for those individual’s activities.

As previously stated in the About Us web page, the club is run by the club team. If members have any suggestions, query, or indeed a complaint at any time, these should be directed to the club team in writing. The team will consider the merits of any such submissions, and in the case of a complaint, this will be fully investigated by the team. If necessary the complainant will be invited to meet with members of the team in order to hopefully reach an (amicable to both parties) solution ...However we must emphasise that after taking all the relevant facts and considerations into account, the teams decision will be final.

In short, please read and scrutinise everything as mentioned above, there is no point in trying to join the club unless you are happy with everything ... if you have a query about anything, please flag it up and we will be happy to explain and elaborate.

Rawhiders MCC - Club Riding Policy: (Statement 2020)

"Unlike many other MCC's and MC's, the Rawhider's Team takes a very liberal and relaxed approach to freely allow its members to ride out with any other patched clubs and riding groups. However, please observe Club rules that Rawhider's Colours should not be worn publicly when riding out with other clubs or riding groups unless Team permission has been granted. Other clubs / groups manage their rides in different ways and the Rawhiders observe a specific code of conduct that we are proud to put our colours to.

Whilst the Club take this somewhat unusual, but very relaxed approach to its members riding out with other clubs and groups, we insist that all Rawhider members must prioritise official Rawhider Club ride-outs and Team arranged events in preference to alternative ride options that may be offered elsewhere on the same day.
A huge amount of work and planning goes into organising rides and events and Team Members give up their own free time to include:  driving the planned route in advance, arranging refreshment hospitality, health and safety for riders, booking places of interest to visit, and ensuring that the whole riding experience for members is enjoyed.

Rideouts are arranged via the Future Events Page on the Website and also on our members Whattsapp Groups. Guidance regarding meeting times and places is also provided. Our usual procedure is that members meet up at different times and places prior to a final meet, and then we aim to arrive at our final destination as one convoy. The 'all member' Final convoy arrival is important say, where we have been invited to an event and are expected by marshalls. It also looks more professional if we all arrive as a group and not in 'dribs and drabs'

For clarity, the Club arranges the following official events per annum for all members to participate:

12 member ride-outs (4 North, 4 South, 4 inland)
12 breakfast mornings
2 x 2 day riding/hotel breaks
Summer BBQ party
Xmas dinner party
Ad-hoc charity and fundraising events.

The Rawhider's Team therefore politely request that where members choose to ride out with alternative clubs or groups, this should be done "in addition
" to Rawhiders pre-arranged official Club ride-outs and Team events, not at the expense of the Club. This would be considered as unacceptable for most other clubs and Rawhider members would very much welcome improved participation from their fellow riders in valued support of the Club name".

Before applying to join, if you are not sure about something, then ask us a question on the contact us page. Also your details are private and never disclosed to third parties.

Scooter Riders.......we extend warm greetings to all our scooter rider friends, and as fellow Two Wheeler's we have the greatest respect, but sadly we have to insist that to protect the core integrity of the club brand, we do restrict our membership to motorcycles only. If you are a scooter rider seeking a club, please contact us and we will endeavour to point you in the direction of scooter clubs on the Costa Blanca.